The domain

La Moulinasse is accessible by a private pathway and is surrounded by meadows, water and trees. There is plenty of peace and quiet and nature. The rural and authentic charm are preserved on the domain. The historic buildings have been restored without wiping out the traces of time. Only between the buildings is the land paved with ground limestone; for the rest it is a natural green wealth for romping, playing soccer, building camps or dams in the creek, but also with quiet corners for reading, sunbathing,...

or splashing in the pool (6 x 12m). The water is also pleasantly warm in spring and autumn thanks to a heat pump (from Easter until October, depending on the ambient temperature).

In the small barn at the entrance to the domain, you can play table football or airhockey or borrow a board game or DVD. And there is also plenty of practical information about the region and possible excursions.

There is also a ping-pong table, trampoline and a playground for little children. Maybe we forgot some things; come and discover them for yourself.