Base de loisir de Poltrot is a 'recreation park' at only 9km from La Moulinasse. The domain is enclosed by a meander of the Dronne and is freely accessible. You can get lost in one of the largest green labyrinths in France, play a game of foot-bulle or disc-golf, take an orientation course,... On the domain you will also find the Moulin de poltrot. Reservations for the games and/or a visit to the watermill are necessary. You can do this by the Poltrot website or we will be happy to do it for you.

More information?

Do you like the way Tarzan swings between the trees (although on a pulley instead of a liana)? In Dordogne there are several accrobranche-courses between the treetops; of course professionally secured. ouble Accro in Saint-Aulaye, a 15-minute drive away, offers different courses for different age groups (from 3 years old) and for different levels of courage. The base de loisirs Poltrot, also 15 minutes from La Moulinasse, offers 2 fun courses. In the direction of Perigueux (Cornille Avonture) and Bergerac (accrozarbres) there are larger parks that offers also laser-games.

In July and August, daily activities are organised around Lake Jemaye and on the beach of Saint-Aulaye under the name "été actif": stand-up paddle, archery, water games, canoeing, tree-arranging,... at very reasonable prices (usually 5 euros). Booking in advance is required, we can do this for you.