Holiday in Dordogne

After more than thirty years of abandonment and neglect, La Moulinasse has risen from the rubble. This historic farmhouse and by extension Dordogne have won our hearts.

The buildings have been renovated and converted into contemporary holiday homes with an authentic rural character. old and new go together harmoniously. There is plenty to do in the area or you can do nothing and enjoy the pool, nature, ...

We look forward to welcome you. You will share our opinion: coup de foudre!

Nothing has to,
doing nothing can

La Moulinasse

  is the name of an originally much larger property in the village of Chassaignes, near the litle town Ribérac. The name refers to the historical function: a water mill. Later, the mill degenerated into a manor farm and later into a ruin. Since 2019 it is a little holiday paradise with a total of five contemporary holiday homes in the historic buildings.

the big barn

The traveler sees what he sees,
the tourist sees what he has come to see

G. K. Chesterton

Chassaignes is a tiny village 8 km from Ribérac, the nearest town with all amenities. This is on the west side of Dordogne in the so-called Périgord Vert. Less than 15 minutes drive from Chassaignes you have the picturesque town of Aubeterre, which is in the department of Charente. So, if you are looking for information about what the region has to offer, you should not limit yourself to Dordogne and Périgord. The tourist websites of Charente (more specifically Sud-Charente) and Gironde are also worth a look. Some possibilities to discover... (This webpage is a work-in-progress.)

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2        Route du Vindoux
lieu-dit La Moulinasse
24600     Chassaignes

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